About Me

My name is Chris. I push the state-of-the-art in neuromodulation and bioelectronics by leveraging a decade of interdisciplinary problem solving experience.

The future of bioelectronics will be data dominated, with high channel count recording and stimulation hardware creating a massive influx of information for researchers and clinicians to juggle. This will lead to exciting new therapies, but will also require a new breed of engineer capable of merging a knowledge of physiology with evolving big data and machine learning techniques. My research and professional experience uniquely positions me here, at the intersection of the medical and engineering domains.

When I’m not in the lab I pursue adventure and photography. I recently completed a sabbatical in 2016 during which I pedaled a 100-lb bike across 12,500 miles of the largest deserts, highest mountain passes, and most bear-infested locations that the lower 48 has to offer. It was equal parts exhausting and refreshing. Now, I’m more prepared than ever to push boundaries.

Photo Credit: Ashia Ray, 2016