2016: Rumspringa

In 2016, I decided I deserved a bit of R&R after completing my Ph.D. so I committed to taking a sabbatical in order to explore North America. During my tenure in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania I developed a fondness for the Amish, and decided my sabbatical ought to be a free wheelin’ Rumspringa ( Although in all honesty, I don’t actually know if Rumspringa something real Amish folk do).
For better or worse, I defended right before Thanksgiving 2016. I ate a bit of food with my family, packed my bags, and sprinted South for Key West, Florida figuring it’d be the only place in the country with pleasant weather in Janurary.
At first I didn’t have much of a plan other than get to Key West. I didn’t want to build myself up for failure, and although I’ve done some short cycling tours before I wasn’t sure if I could endure months on the road. I arrived in Providence, RI at sunset on the first day and scrambled to find an affordable place to stay the night. Nothing panned out and so instead of finding shelter I camped in a field I found in the middle of the city. The following morning I quickly realized what I had thought was a stand of small trees was actually a thicket of gigantic thorn bushes! And thus did the adventure start ….
I’m still working on editing photos etc. but if you want to read about my journey as it occurred check out my Rumspringablog