How Does This Blog Work?

I keep pointing people to this blog so I wanted to take a moment to explain the purpose, and how to navigate it.

Another Day of Rumpsringa!

The purpose of this website is to let people know that I’m not dead. Originally, these were really quick tweet-style entries but lately I’ve been fleshing them out a lot more.

Trip Reports

The real meat of this blog are the longer entries interspersed between all the daily updates. These are the Trip Reports and contain my thoughts on Rumspringa and photographs I’ve taken on the way.


Hate reading, like pictures? Sometimes I feel that way, so check out my Flickr account. I shoot with a Sony Alpha a6000 and a SEL35f18 and I love the combo. Also, I’m a rank amateur and am not qualified to make an appraisal like that. I sort my through my photos every night from the comfort of tent and do my best to adjust exposure and level the horizons on an iPhone. When I get to a library I upload everything to Flickr and grimace when I see things on a big screen.


Sadly I may never get back to you, because I’m house-less and don’t have a computer. But I read and love all the nice things you have to say, Thanks!


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