Another Day Of Rumpspringa: Soft Bed

Marble Canyon, AZ
Sometimes people insist that I must miss sleeping in a soft bed. Not really, but tonight we’ve sprung for shelter for the first time since Seattle. Why? Exhaustion. We’ve been riding and hiking non stop for a few weeks pushing from Nevada to Zion to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. Up and down the grand staircase. At the moment we’re near the bottom, I think, and looking across the start of the Grand Canyon into the Navajo nation.

What next? Before we disappear here’s the plan: ride east to canyon de chelly and then south to Tucson or flagstaff where we intend to hop a train back to Pittsburgh. Originally we had thought crossing the rockies to Denver would be a good idea but the higher elevations are already getting snowed on and we’re not prepared to handle that. It’s just as well because I routinely feel as though I’m on my last legs and so crossing high passes is less appealing than it was in the past. What a year, enough to satiate even my wanderlust and ADHD. Just a few weeks and maybe 1,000 miles to go!

4 Replies to “Another Day Of Rumpspringa: Soft Bed”

  1. The light has dawned! Be careful and get back to solid ground. There are many other fun and exciting things to do!

    Love ya

    Aunt E

  2. If you head to Flagstaff, Meghan is in Payson which is south of there on the Tonto Rim. Sean or I can give you her contact info if you like.
    Safe travels from Missoula

  3. If you end up in Flagstaff, Meghan is just South of there in Payson. Either Sean or I can pass on her contact info if you want.
    Safe travels from Montana
    Frank, Beverley, and Caitlin

    1. Hey Frank! Thats a tempting offer, we heard there is a good brewery in that area named That Brewery. There’s a lot of bad wind coming from the South so at the moment we’re staying put in Flagstaff until it dies down.

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