Wherein Chris Acclimates to the Cold

Ohiopyle, PA
 Megan and I decided that the best way to acclimate to the impending misery of Winter was to subject ourselves to exposure now to build up a tolerance. It’s often the subject of some debate as to the best way to approach the impending cold season. Personally, I find charging headlong into the cold weather by wearing last months clothing for this month’s climate works best. It leads to a day of cold feet and hands but I like shocking my system into readiness, especially the lackadaisical Summer mindset. Winter is coming, deal with it now or pay the consequences when the weather is actually bad. This is particularly relevant this year as I prepare to endure months of exposure. And so we packed our bags and set out for Ohiopyle,PA.
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Wherein Megan is Dragged on a Forced March to Zelienople

Zelienople, PA
Shortly after meeting Megan she impressed upon me the wonders of Amish baking. And also cider. She has a bit of a sweet tooth, you see. The pinnacle of Amish cuisine, Megan informed me, is the donut and the best place to acquire one is Sally’s Cider Press, not far past Zelienople.  Unfortunately for Megan, Zelienople is well within biking distance and so I promised that I would get donuts with her so long as we rode our bikes.
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