Shred The Valley of the  Five Lakes!/Shreddez Vous La Vallée Des Cinq-Lacs!

Jasper, AB, Canada
Took two rest days here in Jasper. It’s a great little town but it is absurdly expensive so I need to get moving again (because I have no willpower). Yesterday I intended to hike but when I arrived at the valley of 5 lakes trailhead the sign told me the trails were open to mountain biking. Although I’ve hit some forest roads along the way my tires haven’t touched legit single track since Tallahassee. That’s far too long and I’m not going to ride 12,000km and ignore a perfectly groomed trail.

To everyone out there that read about a cyclist getting eaten by a bear in Montana: I’m aware and it freaks me out too. I keep an eye out for blind corners, hug my bear spray tight, and blast music from my sound-agon. On the way back into town I chose to ride asphalt which is fortunate because there was a grizzly right on the trail only 1k outside town.

In non-bear related animal news: my exit from the campground this morning was delayed by a herd of elk. What a splendid place Canada is!

As far as I know my next major stop will be Whistler which is about 500km from here. If I’m not consumed along the way I’ll get there by this weekend.
So tasty,

The Icefield Parkway/La Promenade Des Glaciers

Jasper, AB, Canada
Phew I’ve managed to traverse the Icefields Parkway without running out of food or energy. A real logistical accomplishment. Visiting the Columbia Icefield is a bucket list item for sure. The sight of the Anthabasca Glacier creeping over the edge of the mountain and into the valley was particularly stirring for me, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

It’s Coming Straight for Us!!


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