Mammoth Lakes, CA
Well we tried to escape Mammoth this morning but a series of since-remedied technical failures convinced us to stay. Megan has been dealing with some pretty bad joint issues (sound familiar?) and wasn’t really in the mood to ride anyway. The solution was a trip to the local bike shop where they told her to do the one thing that fixes nearly all biomechanical issues: raise the saddle. Now we have a fighting chance of making it across Nevada in one piece.

Most Pit Toilets Lack Such a Warning

More Rest Day Mountain Climbing

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Another Day of Rumspringa: 5 Minute Yosemite Executive Summary

Mammoth Lakes, CA
Can you summarize Yosemite in 5 minutes? No you cannot. Here are some pictures.

We crossed Tioga pass today, the highest in the state, and are looking at the vast expanse of the rain shadow cast by the Sierra Nevada range. It was a multi day expedition from the valley to the top but we made it and Toulumne Meadows was spectacular. As we are about to disappear into Nevada for safety’s sake I’ll let you all know that we are taking US-6 to NV-375 and then some more things to get St. George. We might hitchhike to avoid the 100 mile stretch of nothing before Rachel. Any way you cut it, it’ll be hard.

I’m Too Lazy to Climb the Sierra Nevada Range Today

Groveland, CA
And now: a pause in our ascent of the Sierra Nevada range. Here in America’s tinderbox it’s hot and dry, as it has been for decades or maybe forever. The California drought has been around for as long I’ve paid attention and although I think it rained this year the whole place is ready to burst into flames. No matter, we are not growing any food. We are growing big legs, though, and that requires hydration, cool air, and corn chips. So after eight miles of climbing we’re just calling it in hopes of better conditions and bigger legs tomorrow. The better part of adventuring is knowing when to brew coffee and set up the hammock.

We Need to Monetize Our Traveling Pour Over Setup

Hard to Eat Pancakes Photogenically

Learning New Spells at Sea Ranch


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Another Day of Rumspringa: Foraging

Santa Rosa, CA
Megan and I spend a good amount of time foraging each morning for whatever food we can find. This tends to be blackberries, but in Oregon we learned about salal berries. Here in California there’s a good deal of fennel alongside the road and I’ve been meaning to try harvesting some seeds when they are ready. Today I thought I’d document our foraging technique with a photo essay

We enjoyed the coast, and I’ll be back later with more stories. For now though we’re taking a load off and celebrating Megan’s birthday in Wine country. Then, Yosemite.

Another Day of Rumspringa: Fog and Transients

Arcata, CA
There’s a lot to see out here on the coast, but its covered in a very thick fog most of the day. Yesterday we rode for about an hour in 1/4 mile visibility and threw in towel for several hours because we lost the will to ride. Also it’s rather dangerous to ride in those conditions. We managed to shore up our courage for a bit more riding and dropped anchor in Arcata for a rest day. It seems everyone in this town is as transient as we are, which is how I picture California in general. After encountering no end to really friendly yet suspicious looking people in Oregon I’m trying my best to not judge people on appearance. Sometimes I forget how terrible I look myself; clearly I’m not in a position to be judgemental.

There might be a road here

How do we feel about fog?

Burrito Night!

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Traveling Down the The Pacific Coast (Except when not)

Crescent City, CA
Let’s try a speed update: whoosh! Since last we talked at length I met with Megan, relaxed in Seattle, got a frame swapped in, traveled down the Oregon coast, “detoured” to Crater Lake, and made it back to the coast. Oh, and lost my cell phone. On a trip that never takes the straight route or the easy way (ok I intentionally bypassed Logan Pass over the Tetons Range) there is never a dull moment.

That’s a Tailwind (Video)

Toot Toot!

Got Two Wheels And Brakes? Good.


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