Another Day Of Rumspringa: At Long Last: Moab

Moab, UT
Welcome to dirt bag HQ! I’ll talk more about my journeys later, but for now I’m just checking in to say that I didn’t end up disarticulating my own arm in Canyonlands. I’ll be in Moab for a few days resting and hopefully shredding when I get my hands on a bike. I hiked 16 miles yesterday and chased it today with 80 miles on the bike, so I’ve earned some rest.

My eyes are not coping well with the sun around here so I plan to spend most of tomorrow indoors and hopefully finding some nice shades to break/lose. I haven’t found much time to read lately and basically everyone in Utah, no exaggeration, has told me to read the works of Edward Abbey before I can consider myself a true desert rat. I’m desperate for the approval of these sun baked bohemians so it’s time to become conversant in their Bible. I mean other than the Book of Mormon.