Another Day Of Rumspringa: March 04, 2016 At 06:24PM

Kinder, LA
Traveled out of the Atchafalaya basin and into the Zydeco Cajun Prarie. Lots of wildflowers and what I think are rice paddies. Or maybe crayfish farms, if that’s a thing. I’ll ask a local tomorrow. All in all a relaxing day of travel with a favorable breeze and great scenery. Every hour or two I passed a small town that seemed to have lot of spirit. Opelousas and Eunice in particular stand out. Have I found the real America on US-190? Perhaps.

No real interesting stories for you today. I did consume 1600 calories and 50g of protein in a single sitting by filling a bag of granola with while milk and then chugging it. Also, my plan to camp recklessly sans rainfly was mostly success and I’ll duplicate it again tonight. It was a little cold, but I’ll dress warmer. I exchanged my ridiculously overstuffed winter bag for my much smaller and lighter 3-season one in NOLA and I anticipated there would be adjustments.

I’m happy with my daily progress. By the end of day tomorrow I’ll be in Texas! I am less optimistic about making it to Austin by next weekend. A storm is blowing out of the gulf and dousing the Houston area for a few days. Lots of wind and rain, but it’ll coincide with 7 consecutive days of travel do I should probably take a day off. No big deal, I should take the time to finish my stories about Tallahassee and New Orleans. All my joints are functioning without complaint, let’s keep it that way.
Trading the glorious pursuit of knowledge for arthritis,

Another Day Of Rumspringa: March 3, 08:06PM

Krotz Springs, LA
It’s warm and there isn’t any rain in the forecast so I’m going camping without a rain fly. Not sure why I haven’t done that more lately, maybe Florida was too cold? Years of camping in wet & cold climates have conditioned me to never go without a fly. I’m enjoying a closer connection with nature tonight, which hopefully won’t include either raccoons or bears. The stars are starting to appear and just now a firefly flew overhead! My camp is on the bank of the mighty Atchafalaya River, on a bed of bright green clover. The fresh undergrowth is just one of the many signs of an early Spring in Southern Louisiana. Celebration may be a bit premature, but I think I have succeeded in dodging the Winter of 2016.
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Another Day Of Rumspringa: March 1, 06:52PM

Laplace, LA
Look at me, back on the road! Took it easy and spun at some high cadence for 40 miles. My ankle felt ok, but I worry and so I rode with it wrapped. It’s easier to ride gently out here because there’s just so much to see! I cut across New Orleans on a series of greenways and followed the levee out of town. Now I’m on the “wrong” side of the levee but I think I’m OK…
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Wherein Chris Couchsurfs in Tallahassee for Two Weeks

Tallahassee, FL
What a month.

By the end of February I’ll have spent more days riding couches than I have riding bikes, and it’s getting to the point where I’m starting to feel out of shape. I’ve spent eight days camping in the backyard of some loveable 20-something year old stoners eking out an existence on their couch. As my moms would say, this place is a total flop house, but that comes with the demographic. But whatever shortcomings these guys may have in personal hygiene or organizational skills are more than overshadowed by their charity. They’ve offered me a place as long as I need it and so I’ve become the 5th roommate. After 32 years of grinding through school and life I’ve found myself living the funemployed life in Tallahassee while my ankle slowly recovers.

Unfortunately my phone got soaked when I fled my tent during a lightning storm and steadfastly refuses to boot. So if you’ve been trying to check in I won’t get your messages until I get it fixed later this week.
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