Wherein Chris Couchsurfs in Tallahassee for Two Weeks

Tallahassee, FL
What a month.

By the end of February I’ll have spent more days riding couches than I have riding bikes, and it’s getting to the point where I’m starting to feel out of shape. I’ve spent eight days camping in the backyard of some loveable 20-something year old stoners eking out an existence on their couch. As my moms would say, this place is a total flop house, but that comes with the demographic. But whatever shortcomings these guys may have in personal hygiene or organizational skills are more than overshadowed by their charity. They’ve offered me a place as long as I need it and so I’ve become the 5th roommate. After 32 years of grinding through school and life I’ve found myself living the funemployed life in Tallahassee while my ankle slowly recovers.

Unfortunately my phone got soaked when I fled my tent during a lightning storm and steadfastly refuses to boot. So if you’ve been trying to check in I won’t get your messages until I get it fixed later this week.
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Another Day Of Rumspringa: February 09, 2016 At 01:16PM

Cross City, FL
Lost & found my phone but it cost me 26 miles, which in this wind is too much. Days of fighting wind have hurt my ankle, probably due to improper bike fit. I’ve been holding an aerodynamic pose for hundreds of miles now which is more than I’ve ever done. I’m a little upset but the writing is on the wall, if I don’t stop I risk chronic injury and ending the trip. Sound familiar? The actual story here is this the same overuse injury that ended my running “career” so I know I can’t fool with it.

I have more than enough time to get to NOLA, ~500 miles in 15 days, so taking a day or two off now isn’t a problem. It is upsetting that I can’t go a few days without some catastrophe grinding this trip a halt, typically in some place I’d rather just pass by. This area is billed as the “nature coast”, but the “nothing coast” would be more appropriate. To be fair I’m about 20 miles from the Gulf, so I’m missing out on the real attraction. Anyway this is the kind of thinking that makes things worse, so I’m going to leave it at that. Now I have time to read and order some equipment.
Stringing a series of misfortunes into a cross country trip,

Another Day Of Rumspringa: February 8, 2016 At 08:06PM

Fanning Springs, FL
Yesterday and today were both travel days, 130+ miles total up and around the Eastern edge of Tampa and into the poppiteal fossa of the state. That’s the fancy name for “knee pit” and the sort of word you learn after 7 years of grad school. Anyway, it’s been a solid three and a half days of travel and so I stopped early today to catch my breath.
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Wherein Chris Turns North

Naples, FL
After two months of daily updates I missed one on Monday, but I’m still alive don’t worry. At the moment I’m stationary as I await a replacement bracket for my handlebar bag which got trashed in that crash two weeks ago. I specified the wrong address on the first attempt to ship it ( I made the phone call only minutes after pulling myself off the asphalt) and the second attempt to ship it has been stymied by circumstance. Three day shipping from last Thursday is now estimated to take a week, and so here I find myself in Naples waiting for a few days before I can continue onward. The progress of the trip has been very stilted as of late; hurry up and wait. This is not a good place for waiting: Florida is a bit dull. It’s flat. The sun shines. I sweat and spend profusely. Strip malls stretch for an eternity outside every community. There’s a lot of potential for nautical adventure but lacking a boat I’m not finding much to capture my imagination. But! I have a few days to reflect and reorient my journey.
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