Another Day Of Rumspringa: Mare Pacificum

Squamish, BC, Canada
There’s a huge music festival (Pemberton) down the street from Whistler this weekend. The entire town is flooded with jerks and it killed the vibe for me. Also it’s hopelessly expensive there. So after two consecutive nights dodging bears and camping in the disc golf course I decided to pack my bags.

If you do find yourself in Whistler and you want some culture I highly recommend the Squamish Lil’wat Culture Center which celebrates the history of the Squamish and Lil’wat people. Incidentally, around here the term for indigenous peoples is “first nations”. Or you know, the given name of the individual.

Sea Level

I’ve been fighting a bad mood for a bit and a change of surroundings seemed prudent. In addition to constantly crossing mountain ranges I’ve been fighting a the wind since arriving in Canada. It hasn’t left much energy for being pleasant. I turned south down BC-99, the Sea-to-Sky highway. It was exhausting but I am more or less on the Pacific Coast now. Took a while to get here.

Another Day Of Rumspringa: Breathe Deep 

Whistler, BC, Canada
I’m so close to the coast I can practically smell the salt air! The trip from Kamloops had its ups and downs, emotionally and topographically but I managed to crawl into the first coffee shop in town. Now I’m deep in the woods in the hills above Whistler. Mountain bike trails criss cross the forest and I’ve already seen a pair of black bears. Bears are the BC equivalent of white tail deer.

Follow The Only Road!

A Glut of Cyclists

All Types of Trees

Bridges of Lillooet County

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Another Day Of Rumspringa: All Along La Tête Jaune 

Kamloops, BC, Canada
And so here I am in interior BC. Neither the temperate rain forest of the coast nor the giant mountains of the East. It’s a bit like Appalachia minus the people. I left Jasper earlier this week to escape the expense of camping and food for cheaper and less scenic locales. In the process I picked up a companion, Simon, that is likewise heading to the coast.

For Canadians, by Canadians

They Dissaprove of Our Speeding

The Space Between, Jasper to the Northeast

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Another Day Of Rumspringa: A Joke

Blue River, BC, Canada

Why did the bear cross the road?
To eat Chris and his food.

A black bear nearly got flattened by a semi on its mad dash to consume my dinner. Were or not for the very loud horn on the truck it might have snuck up on me. With some shouting and clapping it changed its mind and decided to eat someone else. So in case you were wondering: yes making a lot of noise does scare away large predatory creatures.I’ve since abandoned the stealth site and crossed the road to an actual campsite in hopes of being a little safer. I’m too tired to worry about bears right now.

Other than that life is good. Im bouncing between various groups of cyclists all bound for the ‘couv. For those who care I am now on Pacific time for the next few months.
Sweet dreams,