Wherein Chris Travels Through the Heart of the Carolinas

Columbia, SC
Measured in time or miles, the interim between Rumspringa updates has grown too long. Time to slow the journey and find a library where I can plead for public internet access. Some place with a modern browser featuring incognito mode so that I can safely share all my precious Rumspringa credentials and launch codes. I try to do this every four or five days to occupy myself while my body recharges as I’m no good at sitting still without a diversion. Although I’m much stronger than I was at the beginning it’s important to rest proactively, and I’d rather do this inside a library than in a random patch of unclaimed forest along a county road. At this particular library computation must be performed in hour intervals so I’m doing my best to quickly conjure five dollar words and commit them to page. Commit them to bits?
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Wherein Chris Attains Celebrity Status at a North Raleigh Chipotle

Morrisville, NC
I write to you from Morrisville where Jim and I, A-Team of somatosensory neural interfaces, have been reunited once more! Jim and I go way back to when I cluelessly wandered through the University of Pittsburgh campus 8 years ago on a self guided tour. Jim offered to show me his lab, and soon after I became a full time member. We worked on solving the same problems, and so our boss, Doug, called me “new-Jim” or “little-Jim”. Now, Ameya is the new Chris, is the new Jim.

Jim may actually be directly responsible for this trip. On a ride along the Monongahela bike trail several years ago one us that suggested that we ought to bike from Pittsburgh to D.C. for a Society of Neuroscience conference. We were able to con our friend and coworker Matt to come with us too. It was my first honest to goodness camping and bike touring experience! We ended up pulling two centuries and two 80 mile days to get to D.C. in time. On the first night, and my first time setting up a tent, I neglected to stake the fly and created a personal sauna which Eagle scout Jim thought was hilarious. Matt’s rear derailleur fell victim to a particularly vicious stick just as we hit the D.C. suburbs. Upon arriving at our hotel our mentor, Doug, rewarded us all with Stone IPAs and I spent the better part of the following week sleeping.

In Pittsburgh (and probably DC) this trip is not unusual and perhaps even a rite of passage. Folks ride the Great Allegheny Passage and C&O Towpath and come back changed and so it was with me.

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