Traveling Down the The Pacific Coast (Except when not)

Crescent City, CA
Let’s try a speed update: whoosh! Since last we talked at length I met with Megan, relaxed in Seattle, got a frame swapped in, traveled down the Oregon coast, “detoured” to Crater Lake, and made it back to the coast. Oh, and lost my cell phone. On a trip that never takes the straight route or the easy way (ok I intentionally bypassed Logan Pass over the Tetons Range) there is never a dull moment.

That’s a Tailwind (Video)

Toot Toot!

Got Two Wheels And Brakes? Good.


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Another Day Of Rumspringa: How Much Can You Do In A Day?

Reedsport, OR
A brief update so you won’t worry. Megan and I are slowly traveling down the Pacific Coast and enjoying most of every minute. There’s much to see so sun up to sun down we’re busy. We haven’t taken much explicit down time so I haven’t had a chance to upload photos. Does anyone really want to read about me riding bikes and looking at the ocean without photos? I think not. Know that everything is going well and the coast is as spectacular as the last time you visited.

In the long term we’re heading towards San Francisco, but starting tomorrow we’re taking at least a week long “detour” to Crater Lake. We hear it’s beautiful but it’s inconvenient. I’ve found that the best places tend to be the most difficult to access, so pack your bags we’re heading inland!