Chris’s Adventures in West Texas

Corona, NM
Blogging was easier a month ago when water was plentiful and the terrain was flat. Some days I feel like I’m ten miles short of hanging in the towel. I keep toeing 100 mile days out of necessity (water) or stupidity. A few days ago I left my phone at a park and had to backtrack 20 miles to get it plus another 10 to water. It was supposed to be an easy day to help me recuperate from a sore throat that had been nagging me for almost a week. I’m feeling better finally, but there were a few bad days of sucking dry desert air across a raw throat. I decided to take a zero today after having frightfully low blood sugar yesterday. I’ll get to Santa Fe on time, or even early, so the month long push is over and I can rest. It’s been a blast been it hasn’t been easy. For now I’ll tell you about all the fun I’ve in West Texas.
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Another Day Of Rumspringa: Not Dead, Just Exhausted

Guadelupe Mountains National Park
I think I’ve crossed three mountain ranges in the last week: the Chisos, Mt. Davis, and now I’m a few thousand feet above the valley on the Guadelupe mountains. My daily mileage has increased with the elevation; yesterday I climbed Mt. Davis as part of 88 miles and today it was 70. Monday i hit 80+ Why such high numbers? No choice in the matter, it’s just the need to get to the next water source and hope for good wind in the process. Today the Internet tells me I had a 36 mph headwind. To put that in perspective I think 15 mph is a challenge. Fortunately the only thing more stubborn than the West Texas wind is me, but it’s time for a few days rest. I hope to tell you all about my adventures soon, until then goodnight!